Clean Room

We offer technically designed and manufactured and customized air handling units suitable for industrial usage like chemical, paint, pharmacutical, hospatility, entertainment – cinema hall industries. Low noise energy efficient design is our speciality. Our systems comes with screw compressors which opetaes on variable load with variable energy consumption. Rigid MS powder coated skid and panels and ultra modern contrl panel gives best control over functions. Absolutly maintenance free design.

Carbon Filter System designed to allow Air Handling Unit manufacturers to quickly and easily incorporate This simple to install, plastic refillable filter system is designed for use Commercial Kitchen Extract Systems Wastewater & Sewage Treatment Facilities Airport Terminal Buildings,Indoor Air pollution Air Filtration in Museums & Galleries Air Intake Systems in Commercial Buildings Solvent Fume Removal in factories

ventilation units with a reversible heat pump and heat recuperation are designed for comfortable ventilation of residential premises in the area of commerce and services, small businesses, restaurants, educational and social institutions, sport and industrial halls where great importance is attached to energetically and financially efficient solutions.
Unit boxes are assembled from aluminium profiles. The casing is constituted by double panels made from galvanized metal sheets with thermal and acoustic insulation from mineral wool of 25 mm wide. The panels allow for easy access, control and maintenance of all internal parts including air filters and cooling circuits.
Units are equipped with energy-saving radial EC ventilators with blades turned backwards, a reversible heat pump for heating and cooling of input air, a heat recuperation exchanger, easily exchangeable filters for input and outlet air and automatic regulation.