Clean Room

Clean Room

Air Handling Units

With our experience and expertise we manufacture air handling units for HVAC Systems. The units are compact in design to provide vibration – free, noiseless performance and are easily maintainable. Basic assembly consists of sections with centrifugal fan, cooling coil, ducting and filters. We are great designers of ventilation units and suppliers of cooling coils. Add-on optional modules such as thermal break with coved profiles, heating coil, face and pass damper, humidifiers and air mixing chambers are also available on specific demand.

Air Handling Filters

LNIPL is the best HVAC and air handling unit’s supplier and manufacturing company in INDIA. We have different range and types of air handling units. We deal in air handling units in pharmaceuticals, double skin ahu. It is almost always present in order to provide clean dust free air to the building occupants. We have different HEPA filters that solve your purpose. It is available for the air clean under constant temperature pressure high hoity especially for air clean under high moisture as part cleaning equipment and factory.

Ventilation Units

We deal in ventilation unit’s clean room equipments, air handling units, in pharma all over INDIA. CAPACITY RANGE: 1000 cfm to 4000 cfmAPPLICATIONS: Shopping malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical industries and industrial units. FEATURES: Available for single / Double Skin construction belt driven forward/ backward curve fan. Multi-Stage filtration available.


Damper is a value or plate that stops or regulates the flow of air inside a duct, chimney, VAV box, air handler, or other air handling equipment. Air Volume Control Dampers that are designed to control airflow volume in medium to high pressure and velocity HVAC system. Dampers that we offer are known for their high tensile strength, application, specific design and long service life.